There are all sorts of reasons to love bagels. A beloved staple of the American breakfast table, bagels:

Are easy and convenient to eat

On the go? Don’t want to miss the meeting but don’t want to miss breakfast either? Grab a bagel. It’s the best way to enjoy cream cheese or luncheon meats and green leafy toppings. With a few quick bites, you’re all done. You don’t even need a spoon or fork.


With whole-wheat bagels, you can enjoy the baked treat you’ve always loved in a healthier way, says SFGate. Pair it up with veggie toppings and you’ll start eating healthier in no time.

Offer a Lot of Flavors

You can get the bagel you want, exactly the way you want it. Want something plain and simple? No problem. Loved glazed bagels? You’re not the only one. Regularly find yourself noshing on bagels with lots of sesame seeds? Go ahead. You can have your pick. Whether you want your bagels with capers and onions or with tomatoes and a sublime-tasting spread, you’ll find exactly the bagel combination that appeals to your taste buds. And the best part? You can have them fresh, since a they’re baked every morning. By going to a bagel cafe that offers lots of scrumptious bagels in many different varieties, you’ve got absolutely no reason to say no and all the best reasons to say yes, yes, yes!


Many people love bagels because of the taste and texture contrast. The crusty skin and soft bread inside is a favorite, and there are few sensations that come close to taking a bite out of a crispy, chewy bagel. It’s the perfect mouthful to go with your coffee every morning. Also, bagels are served in different ways. Some celebrate the toasted bagel as a long-standing favorite. But other places don’t toast their bagels. They serve it, thinking it’s fresh enough to ensure there’s no need to toast them. If this happens to you, one tip is to ask for a soft bagel.

There’s a reason why bagels are a classic treat. With its taste, the convenience it offers working folks grabbing breakfast on the go, and the absolutely wonderful healthy combos it offers, it’s really not surprising to find that cafes offering bagels are springing up all over. So what are you waiting for? Head to Bagelville for a fresh batch today!