If you love bagels as a tasty treat, then you will also love them made into delicious sandwiches like those made at Bagelville at their restaurant in the Boston, Massachusetts and in West Roxbury. We are one of the most popular places to get breakfast or lunch or even just a snack and cater to tourists and locals alike.

We are not just known for our delicious fresh bagels, we also have soups, salads, fresh squeezed juices, fruit and yogurt. Try one of these nutritious meals today or make an order online for fast service in advance. You can save time by ordering from us for you next staff meeting or get together and have us make your food to bring to work, school or to eat at that next party or meeting.

Get Bagelville Bagels Plain or in a Sandwich

If you come to Bagelville then you can try our delicious fresh baked varieties along with one of our flavors of cream cheese. We have 24 flavors of bagels from Plain to Everything, and several flavors of cream cheese too. Plus, you can get them catered in right to your office if you have a morning meeting and we can supply the food so you don’t have to worry about refreshments.

Sandwiches, Pizza and More Await Patrons

Would you prefer sandwiches? You can get our bagels made into a variety of tasty sandwiches too. These include turkey, roast beef, ham, tuna, bacon, smoked salmon, pastrami, grilled chicken, and a variety of cheeses and fixings.

You can even get pizza on a bagel in selections of cheese, chicken, pepperoni, veggies, bacon or Hawaiian. Or have a bagel dog along with a salad or bowl of soup, as Bagelville has lots of choices for your meal.

Make Your Orders in Advance for Faster Service

Lots of people are in a hurry, especially in the morning as they get ready for work or school. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hot tasty breakfast of crisp and chewy bagels waiting for your pick-up?

Just order the bagel or sandwich of your choice by phone or Internet. You can even make the order the night before and it will be ready for pick-up in the morning at the time you designate. Just go to the Bagelville website or call us at one of our two locations for more information!

So, if you love bagels, then order your favorites at Bagelville in the Boston area no matter if you are a local or a tourist, as we are ready and waiting to fill your orders with our nutritious and delicious meals!