Catering Makes Parties, Events and Meetings Easier

People hold meetings or have special events like a birthday party or retirement ceremony every day, and if you want to make these things less stressful, let Bagelville do the catering for your food and drink needs. With two locations in the Boston area to choose from in Boston and West Roxbury, you can make your order in person, via phone or online.

Catering Choices Include Bagel Platters

One of the most popular choices at Bagelville is our bagel platters. A bagel platter includes 10 bagels along with two of our tubs of delicious cream cheese. Bagel choices include wild berry, chocolate chip, onion, multigrain, plain, cinnamon raisin, sesame, egg, salt, garlic, everything, poppy, French toast, whole wheat, veggie, marble, sunflower, asiago, jalapeno and energy bar.

Plus you can choose cream cheese flavors like plain, light, whipped butter, scallion, veggie, strawberry, lox, scallion and bacon and whipped margarine. Just note on your order which ones you want and we will gladly include them in your order.

Bagel Sandwich Platter a Great Food Choice

You can also order a bagel sandwich platter as part of our catering services to make your lunch meeting a success or your party happier. They also serve 10 people and are made to order as you want. You can get bagel sandwiches made with pastrami, turkey, ham, corned beef, grilled chicken, bacon, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, BBQ chicken, BLT, ham, buffalo chicken, veggie and egg salad along with a choice of cheeses and fixings.

Cater in Some Soup to Fill Out Your Meal

Bagelville also features several kinds of soup served in a cup or in a bagel bowl that you can order via catering services straight to your door. They also serve 10 people […]

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    Things You Should Know Before Hiring the Service of Caterers

Things You Should Know Before Hiring the Service of Caterers

Hiring caterers is a crucial decision that has to be taken carefully as they can be responsible for making or breaking your party or function. If the food served is not up to standard, then your function can be a failure. On the other hand, a good caterer can make a good party, a great party.

Points to Consider Before Hiring a Caterer

Before hiring the service of a good caterer, you need to consider a few points that are discussed below.

Venue: Before hiring the service of caterers, you have to decide the venue for the function. You need to make sure the venue selected by you allows outside help as there are some venues that do not allow the services of third-parties.
Guest Count: You should have the approximate count of the number of guests you are expecting. Many companies charge per person, so it is always better to have a count of the people attending the function. Once you have the count, you can get the price quote.
Type of Service: The type of service provided depends mainly upon your budget and preference. Formal sit-down service and buffet service are two commonly used services. The sit-down service costs more than the buffet service as it will require more personnel. The buffet service is typically the best service that suits your pocket as you can choose dishes from the menu and then pay for the whole package. You can also choose to have hors d’oeuvres and beverages circulated by waiters.
Choosing Menu for the Function: Selecting the dishes for the function has to be done carefully as you should ensure you are not selecting only items that you like. Consider […]

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The Anatomy of an Ideal Breakfast Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich is an ideal morning treat. After all, it’s quick to prepare, easily customizable and fills you up instantly. If you don’t have the time to make your own, however, it can be difficult to find just the place that makes sandwiches that are up to your standards.

But it’s important to define, first, what it is that makes an ideal breakfast sandwich. We’ve gone around to ask people all around Massachusetts and this is what they have to say.

Best Bagels

A great breakfast sandwich needs great bread. Bagels, of course, are the quintessential option when it comes to breakfast. A great bagel should be soft and have a bit of a chew on the inside and be just slightly crisp on the outside. It should be substantial and certainly not cakey.

It should have a freshly-baked and perhaps even slightly bready flavor. The best bagels are perfect for both sweet and savory treats. In fact, a bagel can indeed be considered great if it tastes gorgeous with cream and fruit but, at the same time, it’s mouth-watering stuffed with smoked salmon and cheese!

Fresh Ingredients

The perfect bagel then needs the freshest ingredients. After all, we all know the difference between a sad, soggy, day-old piece of lettuce and the bright and crispy fresh version. In fact, when you’re going for a breakfast sandwich, it’s best to not settle for anything less. Every day is filled with unique challenges, whether in the office, at school or at home. Mealtimes should brighten up your day and fill you with energy. It may not seem to matter on the long run, but fresh fillings burst with the sort of flavor and goodness that can make all your struggles […]

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Make Breakfast Better With Nutritious Bagels

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and at Bagelville in Boston, Massachusetts you have lots of tasty, nutritious choices from bagels to yogurt and juices and more. We serve breakfast all day at Bagelville in our two locations in West Roxbury or Boston, plus you can also order online for takeout.

Lots of Nutritious Things to Eat at Bagelville

You have lots of delicious and nutritious choices at Bagelville and we are loved by both locals and tourists alike in the entire Boston area! Come try some of our tasty bagels and other great products today. Just call one of our locations at West Roxbury at (617) 363-9100 or at Faneuil Hall Market Place at (617) 391-0866.

Breakfast Bagel Choices at Bagelville

If you come to Bagelville for breakfast, you will be greeted with a smile and a choice of lots of kinds of bagels, as well as juice, fruit, yogurt and more. Some of the bagel sandwich choices for breakfast or any time of the day include eggs and cheese with choice of bacon, ham or sausage; as well as scrambled eggs on a bagel with choice of bacon, ham, or sausage; or ham and cheese on a bagel. You can also substitute Egg Beaters instead of eggs if desired.

Do Breakfast Take-Out at Arlington and West Roxbury Locations

Would you love a nutritious and delicious bagel breakfast, but don’t have time to sit down and eat in our restaurant? Then, you are in luck because you can get takeout and have your order waiting for you, starting at 6 AM. You can order ahead via phone or online, and can even order the night before to save you time in the morning. […]

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Bagel Sandwich, a Great Way to Eat Healthy

These days many people are trying to eat healthier, and Bagelville is working to help them by serving them a freshly made bagel sandwich, soup, fresh squeezed juices and more at their restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts. Both tourists and locals alike flock to Bagelville to try a delicious bagel sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Located at the Faneuil Hall Market Place, all of their food choices are made from fresh and tasty ingredients and made right onsite. Plus, the employees provide great customer service no matter which bagel sandwich you choose, or what other item you order from our menu.

Types of Bagel Sandwich to Eat at Bagelville

There are lots of great choices for a bagel sandwich at Bagelville. Some of these include the Smoked Turkey Melt with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato; or perhaps you’d prefer a ham and Swiss bagel with honey Dijon and lettuce and tomato. Another popular choice is the Tuna Melt bagel with cheddar cheese, red onions, lettuce and tomato or the Smoked House Club with turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese and fixings.

These are but a few of the delicious sandwiches you can pick from, including pastrami, corned beef, smoked salmon, grilled chicken and more! Plus, there are also soups, salads, juices and more to have along with your bagel sandwich.

Pizza Doesn’t Have to Be Boring at Bagelville

If you love pizza, then you can have that here at Bagleville too! We offer several selections of pizza bagels, including cheese, pepperoni, chicken, veggie, bacon, and Hawaiian. Have a crispy and delicious pizza bagel for lunch along with a salad and some healthy juice and fuel up for the rest of the day at work or school.

Order Online for Fast, Convenient Service

If you […]

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Bagels on the Go

If you love bagels as a tasty treat, then you will also love them made into delicious sandwiches like those made at Bagelville at their restaurant in the Boston, Massachusetts and in West Roxbury. We are one of the most popular places to get breakfast or lunch or even just a snack and cater to tourists and locals alike.

We are not just known for our delicious fresh bagels, we also have soups, salads, fresh squeezed juices, fruit and yogurt. Try one of these nutritious meals today or make an order online for fast service in advance. You can save time by ordering from us for you next staff meeting or get together and have us make your food to bring to work, school or to eat at that next party or meeting.

Get Bagelville Bagels Plain or in a Sandwich

If you come to Bagelville then you can try our delicious fresh baked varieties along with one of our flavors of cream cheese. We have 24 flavors of bagels from Plain to Everything, and several flavors of cream cheese too. Plus, you can get them catered in right to your office if you have a morning meeting and we can supply the food so you don’t have to worry about refreshments.

Sandwiches, Pizza and More Await Patrons

Would you prefer sandwiches? You can get our bagels made into a variety of tasty sandwiches too. These include turkey, roast beef, ham, tuna, bacon, smoked salmon, pastrami, grilled chicken, and a variety of cheeses and fixings.

You can even get pizza on a bagel in selections of cheese, chicken, pepperoni, veggies, bacon or Hawaiian. Or have a bagel dog along with a salad or bowl of soup, as Bagelville has lots […]

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Three Reasons to Stop by Our Bagel Cafe

We’re pretty proud of our bagel cafe, which offers fresh, affordable and, most importantly, delicious treats to our customers. Our typical visitors are working folk and millennials looking for a quick breakfast before heading off to work or school. While you may argue that you can get breakfast just about anywhere, there are three things that we’re pretty sure make us stand out.

Fill Yourself Up

If you’re looking for a quick, delicious and filling bite to eat, we’ve got several options on our menu. Whether you want a sweet, decadent bagel with cream cheese and fruit or our heavy and savory buffalo chicken bagel or even anything in between, we’re sure to have just the one you want.

In addition, our bagel cafe prides itself with stuffing our sandwiches with fresh fillings so you’re sure to enjoy your money’s worth of bagel goodness.

Your Choice of Refreshment

Our bagel cafe offers a multitude of icy coladas or freshly-squeezed juices. With the hot summer already upon us, we recommend trying our best-selling iced fresh squeezed lemonade. Our customers swear that it is the ultimate refreshment!

If you’re more of a coffee person, however, you needn’t feel left out! We’ve got several espresso-based blends made from fine coffee beans that will help prime you up for the rest of your busy day.

Get Something Different

Of course, you might want a bit of variety in your breakfasts. While many bagel cafes have pretty standard menus, we have a number of meal options that will blow your mind.

Take, for instance, our pizza bagels. In these gems, we’ve combined two of the things that many of our customers love the most: pizza and breakfast bagels. We’ve got classic cheese, pepperoni and Hawaiian pizzas if that’s […]

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Grab A Fresh Bagel At Bagelville To Start Your Day

What could be better for breakfast, lunch or even a snack than a fresh bagel hot and tempting to fill up that hollow place in your tummy? And the best place to get those delicious bagels is at one of Bagelville in Boston’s two locations. You will get your bagel with a smile and they are always fresh and ready!

Bagelville is one of Boston’s local establishments and they provide not only a fresh bagels in many tasty varieties, but also sandwiches, juices, salads, frozen coffee drinks and more. They have a store in Boston and also one in West Roxbury, so it’s easy to find one of our tasty treats!

Grab a Fresh Bagel or Sandwich at Bagelville

Bagelville is the place to get your bagel fix because they make them here every day. You can get 24 choices such as rye, honey grain, wild berry, cinnamon raisin, sesame, onion, and lots more to tempt your taste buds. You can try a new one just about every day of the month!

And to go on that fresh bagel, how about one of our flavors of cream cheese, or you can make it into a fresh and tasty sandwich for lunch. Choose from plain, green onion, strawberry, vegetable, and more, or spread on some jelly, peanut butter or regular butter. No matter what you choose, your bagel will be made to order because we are proud of our bagels and our fresh sourced ingredients.

Bagelville Also Caters Local Events

Another great thing about Bagelville is that we will cater your local event! Let us bring the delicious bagels, sandwiches, salads, soups and more to make your event special, plus easy for you to clean up afterwards.

Some of your sandwich […]

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4 Reasons for Bagel Love

There are all sorts of reasons to love bagels. A beloved staple of the American breakfast table, bagels:

Are easy and convenient to eat

On the go? Don’t want to miss the meeting but don’t want to miss breakfast either? Grab a bagel. It’s the best way to enjoy cream cheese or luncheon meats and green leafy toppings. With a few quick bites, you’re all done. You don’t even need a spoon or fork.


With whole-wheat bagels, you can enjoy the baked treat you’ve always loved in a healthier way, says SFGate. Pair it up with veggie toppings and you’ll start eating healthier in no time.

Offer a Lot of Flavors

You can get the bagel you want, exactly the way you want it. Want something plain and simple? No problem. Loved glazed bagels? You’re not the only one. Regularly find yourself noshing on bagels with lots of sesame seeds? Go ahead. You can have your pick. Whether you want your bagels with capers and onions or with tomatoes and a sublime-tasting spread, you’ll find exactly the bagel combination that appeals to your taste buds. And the best part? You can have them fresh, since a they’re baked every morning. By going to a bagel cafe that offers lots of scrumptious bagels in many different varieties, you’ve got absolutely no reason to say no and all the best reasons to say yes, yes, yes!


Many people love bagels because of the taste and texture contrast. The crusty skin and soft bread inside is a favorite, and there are few sensations that come close to taking a bite out of a crispy, chewy bagel. It’s the perfect mouthful to go with your coffee every morning. Also, bagels are […]

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Bagelville Makes Best Bagels Downtown

Getting a quick and tasty meal that’s also healthy isn’t easy, but Bagelville works hard every day baking the best bagels downtown that can be fixed all kinds of ways from toppings to sandwiches. We also have a selection of coffee blends and juices to satisfy your thirst.

Two Convenient Locations for Your Bagel Cravings

Bagelville has two stores to satisfy their customers, with one located in Boston and the other in West Roxbury, Mass. Both of these locations open a 6 AM sharp, so you’ve got plenty of time to grab a bagel and cream cheese or a bagel sandwich with bacon and egg on your way to work. Or, try one of our 24 other kinds of bagels filled with fresh veggies, salad fixings, and meats.

Order Your Bagels Online

If you want the best bagels downtown and are in the West Roxbury area, you can get them by ordering on the Internet. Then, your luscious, golden brown bagel will be ready when you get here. Everything is made right here on site so it’s the freshest possible each and every sandwich we serve!

And what goes better with bagels than our choice of frozen coffee blends or some chilled, nutritious juice. We can even cater your choices for your next office party or luncheon. All of our ingredients are sourced from the best and most premium choices so we always have the best bagels downtown that you can buy.

Order Up Tasty Meals for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

It’s easy to order the best bagels downtown by either coming to Bagelville in person at one of our two locations, or you can call us at (617) 391-0866 to put in your order or ask us about our menu, […]

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