Everything’s Better With Bagels: Here’s Why!

When to comes to classic, quick, and beloved foods, bagels are pretty high up in the ranking. They’re tasty, versatile, and perfect at any time of day. And with so many bagel options available, caterers are well aware of just how precious they can be as part of your event’s spread! If you’re stumped on what to serve at your next event or your next meeting at work, you might want to check out our menu and discover what we have to offer. Why are bagels so popular? The answers are quite simple:

They’re Versatile

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner: no matter the meal, bagels are a great fit! Regardless of the time of day your event takes place, you can be sure that bagels will satisfy. And there’s more to the selection than just cream cheese and jelly. Bagels aren’t just for cream cheese and spreads; they go well with meats and cheeses, thus making them an excellent base for a variety of sandwiches. They’re also a great accompaniment to a hearty soup or a fresh, savory salad. And with so many types of bagels and spreads available to get creative with—perhaps you’d like to offer a “Build Your Own Bagel” bar, for example—even the most basic of bagel compositions are sure to please.

They’re Delicious

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t a fan of bagels, and with good reason. That crispy, outer layer and the soft, chewy goodness inside is both a treat and a comfort food to many. Not to mention the fact that it’s a perfect food for when you’re on the go, or any other time that a simple handheld food would be convenient (a conference at your job, for example). And […]

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Make A Tasty Addition To Your Day With A Fresh Bagel

Amongst the many types of breakfast or brunch foods, the bagel is one that really stands out. It has become one of the most popular foods and with good reason. Bagels come in a variety of favors, taste great, have a lot of nutritional value, can be eaten with many different toppings and can be consumed as a part of any meal or as a snack during all hours of the day or night. They can very easily be found in any supermarket, but store bought bagels cannot compare to freshly made ones. If you are in the Boston area and you want to find a great place to get a delicious fresh bagel, then why not look up Bagelville? We make a new batch of bagels every day, thus ensuring that what we serve to you will be as fresh and scrumptious as possible.

What Type Of Fresh Bagel Can I Order?

There are various different kinds of bagels and the kind you choose to order will depend on a few different things, including your own personal preferences, the topping you want on it and what meal you are eating the bagel for. Bagels come in several sweet flavors, such as chocolate chip, wild berry, cinnamon raisin and hone wheat. They also come in more savory flavors, a few of which are jalapeno, everything, whole grain, onion, asiago and vegetable.

What Kind Of Topping Do I Want?

Although the traditional cream cheese on bagels is delicious, there are so many more options you can choose from! Make sure the kind of topping you get will taste good with the variety of bagel you want to order. For example, putting peanut butter on a warm chocolate chip bagel […]

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Benefits Of Hiring A Catering Company In Boston

Do you plan to host a small gathering or an informal meeting in Boston? If so, why not hire a catering company? Whether you are arranging a business luncheon or a housewarming, catering always is a positive option. In fact, hiring a caterer for your event is an idea that makes perfect sense when you are lacking time and hate to cook. If the catering company focuses on bagel sandwiches, soups and salads, it is beneficial for several great reasons.

Why Hire a Catering Firm?

If you live in Boston and are hosting a special event, hiring a catering company is often the best way to go. Consider the following reasons for doing so:

To cut down on stress
To make certain everything is of the highest quality
To give you free time to worry about the other details
To ensure the right quantity of food is available for your guests
To provide you with the time you need to enjoy the event – specifically if it is business-related, mingle

These are all good reasons why you should hire a catering company for almost any event. Yet, the question remains. Why should you want to serve bagels?

Why Choose Bagels?

The decision to hire a catering company may seem clear. The concept of choosing one that specializes in bagels may not be as obvious. The answer to any such questions is simple. Bagels are very versatile. At Bagelville, we understand that bagels are great not only for a before-bed snack. They also make an excellent meal.

Their versatility also includes what you can put on them. For winter events, you can ask for a bagel smothered in hot butter and accompanied by a hot chocolate, tea or coffee. For a business meeting, why […]

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The Rise Of The Bagel – And Its Popularity in Bagel Cafés

The bagel is a simple from of bread. It can be bland. It is circular in shape with a prominent hole in the middle. Cut in half, it is found served for breakfast, lunch and snacks across the country in delis, restaurants and fast food joints. You can even purchase them in specialty shops such as a bagel café. In Boston, a classic example of a bagel café sandwich is found at Bagelville in Faneuil Hall Market Place.

Yet, the bagel was not always so popular. It was once regarded as ethnic food. It was for Jewish people. They may not have sat in chic cafés to eat them, but they were definitely into something that was far superior to plain water crest or thin cucumber sliced sandwiches. Yet, the bagel remained largely unheralded until the 20th century.

The Rise of the Bagel

An increased interest in the humble bagel began in the early 20th century. In the early 1900s, people began to discover the delicious simplicity of bagel sandwiches. Shops and chains opened up. A bagel café or shop was not unusual in places where bagels had no cultural reference. They even began to replace the most common meeting place of all – donut shops.

Bagels became another bread item. An interesting tasting sandwich bun – albeit one with a unique shape. It was different but not too different to scare away the average American and his or her taste buds. Yet, this early fascination was not to become truly entrenched until later in the century.

Over the years, the bagel the fondness for bagels continued to rise. In Boston, over the decades, you could find more exotic bagels in regular grocery stores, bakeries and at a bagel […]

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What To Put On A Breakfast Sandwich

If you live in Boston, a breakfast sandwich can assume many shapes. While buns and breads of various types are common, a constant trend is for breakfast on a bagel. In fact, you would be joining the growing numbers of people who simply cannot resist the savory taste of a hot, fresh bagel first thing in the morning.
It’s Traditional
Since the early 1900s in the United States, bagels have been the ideal breakfast sandwich for Jews. They were easy to obtain. A traditional Sunday breakfast consisted of a bagel with cream cheese and/or lox. This was true in Boston as easily as it was in the bagel capitals of the New World: New York, New York and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In fact, each nation developed their own type of bagel. The result has been a war between New York and Montreal bagels for title of “Best Bagel in the World.”
While the debate goes on, some bagel shops solve the solution. Bagel cafés and caterers such as Bagelville in Boston, offer both types of bagels. This reduces the conflict to a dull roar. It does not even begin, however, to answer the question: “What do you put on a bagel breakfast sandwich?”
Basic Bagel Breakfast Sandwich Toppings
For those who love their bagels, the only thing they find better than a plain, toasted bagel with butter, is one that arrives at their table sporting something that is delicious. Some people may eat a flavored bagel plain, but others prefer toppings on theirs – even on the flavored ones. Among the many favorite types of toppings are:

Cream Cheese: This is a standard topping. Arguments rage as to the thickness of the spread. While some prefer to smother the bagel […]

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Feast Your Eyes On Finest Breakfast Take Out Options In West Roxbury

For most people, morning is the most stressful time of day; kids usually need to get to school, lunches need to be packed, and a range of other morning obligations need to be completed. If you’re like most people, hectic morning obligations leave you stressed out and extremely hungry on your way to work. For those in the West Roxbury area, rather than start your day on an empty stomach, an alternative solution is to try the breakfast take out in West Roxbury. Below are a few of our customer’s favorite grab-n-go breakfast foods.

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What to Feature at Your Next Catered Event

If you’re planning a big event, whether it’s a graduation party or a birthday party, you may be wondering which foods are the most suitable. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, which can make choosing something especially difficult. Rather than spend a lot of time struggling on figuring out the menu, below are a few favorite foods that nearly everyone loves to eat at a catered event. When planning for a catered event, it is also best to order the options from one company as to not overwhelm yourself or the guests.

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Types of Bagels

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Bagels: The Perfect Food for Any Occasion

There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a soft, yet slightly crispy bagel. The chewiness of the dough coupled with the savory bread is an experience that nearly every American knows how to enjoy. Because our customers love our bagels so much, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best occasions for a bagel buffet.

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