Catering Makes Parties, Events and Meetings Easier

People hold meetings or have special events like a birthday party or retirement ceremony every day, and if you want to make these things less stressful, let Bagelville do the catering for your food and drink needs. With two locations in the Boston area to choose from in Boston and West Roxbury, you can make your order in person, via phone or online.

Catering Choices Include Bagel Platters

One of the most popular choices at Bagelville is our bagel platters. A bagel platter includes 10 bagels along with two of our tubs of delicious cream cheese. Bagel choices include wild berry, chocolate chip, onion, multigrain, plain, cinnamon raisin, sesame, egg, salt, garlic, everything, poppy, French toast, whole wheat, veggie, marble, sunflower, asiago, jalapeno and energy bar.

Plus you can choose cream cheese flavors like plain, light, whipped butter, scallion, veggie, strawberry, lox, scallion and bacon and whipped margarine. Just note on your order which ones you want and we will gladly include them in your order.

Bagel Sandwich Platter a Great Food Choice

You can also order a bagel sandwich platter as part of our catering services to make your lunch meeting a success or your party happier. They also serve 10 people and are made to order as you want. You can get bagel sandwiches made with pastrami, turkey, ham, corned beef, grilled chicken, bacon, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, BBQ chicken, BLT, ham, buffalo chicken, veggie and egg salad along with a choice of cheeses and fixings.

Cater in Some Soup to Fill Out Your Meal

Bagelville also features several kinds of soup served in a cup or in a bagel bowl that you can order via catering services straight to your door. They also serve 10 people […]

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    Things You Should Know Before Hiring the Service of Caterers

Things You Should Know Before Hiring the Service of Caterers

Hiring caterers is a crucial decision that has to be taken carefully as they can be responsible for making or breaking your party or function. If the food served is not up to standard, then your function can be a failure. On the other hand, a good caterer can make a good party, a great party.

Points to Consider Before Hiring a Caterer

Before hiring the service of a good caterer, you need to consider a few points that are discussed below.

Venue: Before hiring the service of caterers, you have to decide the venue for the function. You need to make sure the venue selected by you allows outside help as there are some venues that do not allow the services of third-parties.
Guest Count: You should have the approximate count of the number of guests you are expecting. Many companies charge per person, so it is always better to have a count of the people attending the function. Once you have the count, you can get the price quote.
Type of Service: The type of service provided depends mainly upon your budget and preference. Formal sit-down service and buffet service are two commonly used services. The sit-down service costs more than the buffet service as it will require more personnel. The buffet service is typically the best service that suits your pocket as you can choose dishes from the menu and then pay for the whole package. You can also choose to have hors d’oeuvres and beverages circulated by waiters.
Choosing Menu for the Function: Selecting the dishes for the function has to be done carefully as you should ensure you are not selecting only items that you like. Consider […]

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Everything’s Better With Bagels: Here’s Why!

When to comes to classic, quick, and beloved foods, bagels are pretty high up in the ranking. They’re tasty, versatile, and perfect at any time of day. And with so many bagel options available, caterers are well aware of just how precious they can be as part of your event’s spread! If you’re stumped on what to serve at your next event or your next meeting at work, you might want to check out our menu and discover what we have to offer. Why are bagels so popular? The answers are quite simple:

They’re Versatile

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner: no matter the meal, bagels are a great fit! Regardless of the time of day your event takes place, you can be sure that bagels will satisfy. And there’s more to the selection than just cream cheese and jelly. Bagels aren’t just for cream cheese and spreads; they go well with meats and cheeses, thus making them an excellent base for a variety of sandwiches. They’re also a great accompaniment to a hearty soup or a fresh, savory salad. And with so many types of bagels and spreads available to get creative with—perhaps you’d like to offer a “Build Your Own Bagel” bar, for example—even the most basic of bagel compositions are sure to please.

They’re Delicious

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t a fan of bagels, and with good reason. That crispy, outer layer and the soft, chewy goodness inside is both a treat and a comfort food to many. Not to mention the fact that it’s a perfect food for when you’re on the go, or any other time that a simple handheld food would be convenient (a conference at your job, for example). And […]

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Benefits Of Hiring A Catering Company In Boston

Do you plan to host a small gathering or an informal meeting in Boston? If so, why not hire a catering company? Whether you are arranging a business luncheon or a housewarming, catering always is a positive option. In fact, hiring a caterer for your event is an idea that makes perfect sense when you are lacking time and hate to cook. If the catering company focuses on bagel sandwiches, soups and salads, it is beneficial for several great reasons.

Why Hire a Catering Firm?

If you live in Boston and are hosting a special event, hiring a catering company is often the best way to go. Consider the following reasons for doing so:

To cut down on stress
To make certain everything is of the highest quality
To give you free time to worry about the other details
To ensure the right quantity of food is available for your guests
To provide you with the time you need to enjoy the event – specifically if it is business-related, mingle

These are all good reasons why you should hire a catering company for almost any event. Yet, the question remains. Why should you want to serve bagels?

Why Choose Bagels?

The decision to hire a catering company may seem clear. The concept of choosing one that specializes in bagels may not be as obvious. The answer to any such questions is simple. Bagels are very versatile. At Bagelville, we understand that bagels are great not only for a before-bed snack. They also make an excellent meal.

Their versatility also includes what you can put on them. For winter events, you can ask for a bagel smothered in hot butter and accompanied by a hot chocolate, tea or coffee. For a business meeting, why […]

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