A breakfast sandwich is an ideal morning treat. After all, it’s quick to prepare, easily customizable and fills you up instantly. If you don’t have the time to make your own, however, it can be difficult to find just the place that makes sandwiches that are up to your standards.

But it’s important to define, first, what it is that makes an ideal breakfast sandwich. We’ve gone around to ask people all around Massachusetts and this is what they have to say.

Best Bagels

A great breakfast sandwich needs great bread. Bagels, of course, are the quintessential option when it comes to breakfast. A great bagel should be soft and have a bit of a chew on the inside and be just slightly crisp on the outside. It should be substantial and certainly not cakey.

It should have a freshly-baked and perhaps even slightly bready flavor. The best bagels are perfect for both sweet and savory treats. In fact, a bagel can indeed be considered great if it tastes gorgeous with cream and fruit but, at the same time, it’s mouth-watering stuffed with smoked salmon and cheese!

Fresh Ingredients

The perfect bagel then needs the freshest ingredients. After all, we all know the difference between a sad, soggy, day-old piece of lettuce and the bright and crispy fresh version. In fact, when you’re going for a breakfast sandwich, it’s best to not settle for anything less. Every day is filled with unique challenges, whether in the office, at school or at home. Mealtimes should brighten up your day and fill you with energy. It may not seem to matter on the long run, but fresh fillings burst with the sort of flavor and goodness that can make all your struggles worthwhile.

Overflowing Filling

Your breakfast sandwich should not consist of a bagel and just enough filling to add a hint of flavor. Not only is this not satisfying, it’s also not worth your money. You should, therefore, go for a sandwich that’s stuffed. All those fresh ingredients are, after all, no use if you can’t actually taste their full goodness.

At Bagelville, our breakfast sandwiches boast all these elements and more. Our bagels are just the right texture, with a goodness that you can only find in freshly-baked goods. We also make sure that they’re chock full of the freshest, most flavorful ingredients we can find. Stop by one of our stores for a quick breakfast to see for yourself!