Hiring caterers is a crucial decision that has to be taken carefully as they can be responsible for making or breaking your party or function. If the food served is not up to standard, then your function can be a failure. On the other hand, a good caterer can make a good party, a great party.

Points to Consider Before Hiring a Caterer

Before hiring the service of a good caterer, you need to consider a few points that are discussed below.

  • Venue: Before hiring the service of caterers, you have to decide the venue for the function. You need to make sure the venue selected by you allows outside help as there are some venues that do not allow the services of third-parties.
  • Guest Count: You should have the approximate count of the number of guests you are expecting. Many companies charge per person, so it is always better to have a count of the people attending the function. Once you have the count, you can get the price quote.
  • Type of Service: The type of service provided depends mainly upon your budget and preference. Formal sit-down service and buffet service are two commonly used services. The sit-down service costs more than the buffet service as it will require more personnel. The buffet service is typically the best service that suits your pocket as you can choose dishes from the menu and then pay for the whole package. You can also choose to have hors d’oeuvres and beverages circulated by waiters.
  • Choosing Menu for the Function: Selecting the dishes for the function has to be done carefully as you should ensure you are not selecting only items that you like. Consider the likes of the majority and then decide the items. It is always recommended to include at least one vegetarian item in your menu. Most caterers already have several menus based on what has been popular, so if you like the dishes in a menu and it suits your budget then stick with it.
  • References and Reviews: Before you hire the services of the caterers, you need to make sure you have collected the necessary information about them. It is always better to check for references and reviews before hiring. Never hire someone who is just new to catering services as the chances of things going haywire are more because of lack of experience.
  • Price: Check for the price and confirm it before you sign the contract with your caterer. Ask for all the fees and get an estimate from them so that you can compare the prices with other caterers and then choose from the best among them.


Catering plays an important role in the success or failure of any function. So, hire the services of well known and professional caterers like Bagelville who offer the best quality service.